Canby Meet

08/29/2014 07:00

The Canby meet provided us what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our runners. The first race was at 7:00 pm instead of our most common 4:30 start time. By the last few races of the day, it was very very dark! Not too many runners have the opportunity to run an actual race in the dark. A lot of the kids had a fun time wearing glowsticks of different kinds that glowed brightly in the night. 


As teams, we placed 5th for Varsity, 5th for JV, and 1st for Junior High on the Girl's side. This was the first 4K opportunity for the JV and Varsity girls. Kayla Huhnerkoch finished 4th overall with a time of 15:30. Jasmine Barnes led the JV team with a time of 20:07. Sidney Beran finished 10th in the Junior High race with a converted 2.5K time of 12:21. Both Kenzie Lydick and Ruby Emilienburg bested their season best in the race.


On the Boy's side, we placed 9th for Varsity, 3rd for JV, and 5th for Junior High. Like the girls, this was the first 5k opportunity for the Varsity. The JV boys did run a 4K. Carter Menz led the Varsity with a time of 18:53, which tied his PR. Deon Estebo also PRed during the Varsity race with a time of 20:40. David Helsper paced the JV team with an 18th place finish in 21:28. Trevor Groebner ran a PR with 23:00. The Boy's Junior High were led by Connor DeGonda with a converted 2.5K time of 10:10, a PR by 8 seconds. Sam Fox and Leo Steffl ran their Season Bests as well during the JH race.


The Cardinals will be competing again this Thursday in Tracy. The first race is at 4:30, so you'll actually be able to watch everyone this week!!