09/16/2014 04:30

Tuesday's meet provided the team an excellent opportunity to see the Sections course several weeks before the Section meet. It was a great course with really great weather. However, the mosquitos were out and preying! Both coaches were very pleased with how everyone across the board did overall. The Girls Varsity finished in 2nd place, JV in 4th place, and Junior High unfortunately did not have a complete team. The Boys Varsity finished in 2nd place, JV in 3rd place, and Junior High in 4th place.


Top 10 finishes on the day included Kayla Huhnerkoch (1st), Nicole Bunting (9th), Johanna Erikkson (4th), Marshal Quast (6th), and Sam Fox (10th). A lot of athletes again ran their best time of the season, several even ran the best of their career. Lauren Karnitz, Clair Hammeschmidt, Marshal Quast, Carter Menz, Aaron Boyle, Deon Estebo, Grant Liebl, and Austin Vogland all ran the career best time. Haylee Sovell, Jasmine Barnes, Julia Prouty, Mikayla Spanovich, Andie Cable, Boe Bidinger, Nathaniel Passe, Zac Siegfried, Bruce Helsper, Alex Beran, Xander Seaman, Leo Steffl, and Makale Prescott all ran their best time of the season as well.


Redwood will be in action again this week at the Milace Mega Meet on Saturday. This meet is one of the largest meets in the entire nation. We will be leaving the school at 6:00 am for the meet and will be gone most of the day. Any parents, older siblings who graduated, grandparents, etc. that would like to race in the "Old-Timers" race should feel welcome to come race along with the coaches at the meet!