Marshall Meet

09/08/2014 04:30

We had excellent conditions mixed with a traditionally fast course in Marshall. Many runners rattled off their best times of the year or even their PR. Girls finished 3rd for Varsity, 4th for JV, and 4th for Junior High. Kayla Huhnerkoch led the Varsity with a 2nd place time of 14:45. Johanna Eriksson paced the JV with a 6th place time of 18:50. Jasmine Barnes jumped out to a fast start and finished 10th overall with a time of 10:48 in the 2.5K converted time. Boys finished 5th for Varsity, 4th for JV, and 2nd for Junior High. Marshal Quast ran an 18:17 to lead the Varsity with a 14th place. David Helsper ran a 20:53 and 17th place finish to pace the JV team. Deon finished 2nd overall with an 8:40 converted 2.5K time to push the Junior High.


On the day, Kayla Huhnerkoch, Lauren Karnitz, Clair Hammerschmidt, Haylee Sovell, Carter Menz, Trevor Groebner, Shane Liebl, Deon Estebo, Sam Kahnke, Sam Fox, Conner DeGonda, and Grant Liebl all ran their PR.  Nicole Bunting, Mary Fixsen, Johanna Eriksson, Jasmin Ovre, Miram Krause, Mikayla Spanovich, Andi Cable, Jasmine Barnes, Julia Prouty, Kenzie Lydick, Hailey Domeier, Ruby Emilienburg, Boe Bidinger, Aaron Boyle, Nathaniel Passe, David Helsper, Vaughan Johnson, Caleb Krause, Spencer Gilk, Cameron Lieble, Michael Davila, Xander Seaman, and Mikale Prescott all ran their best of the season so far.

The Cardinals will be back in action and looking for some more fast times next Tuesday at the LQPV course, which will also be the same course the Sections meet will be at this year.