Redwood Valley Invitational

09/26/2013 04:15

Last week, we hosted our Home Invite at the Redwood Golf Course. It is a pretty tough course, and times did show that to a degree, but our athletes had a good, competitive day as we won 3 of the 4 races that we had a complete team in.

There were three total races on Thursday that were broken into the different levels in the results. The Junior High Boys and Girls raced first at 4:15. The Boys team finished 2nd, led by Deon Estebo (2nd) who nearly won his first career race. Conner DeGonda (8th), Sam Fox (9th), Spencer Gilk (12th), and Holden Kipfer (17th) were the boys scorers. Holden was the only boy on the entire team who had his season best, cutting another 5 seconds off of his time! The Girls did not have a complete team, as it does take 5 runners to qualify as a team. However, our four girls all ran good races. Lauren Karnitz won the race and actually was only beat by six total boys in the race. Haylee Sovell was 5th, Julia Prouty was 8th, and Jasmin Ovre was 11th.

The next race on the course was the Girls JV/Varsity race. The top 7 runners were considered the Varsity girls. Kayla Huhnerkoch paced the girls to a 1st place finish as she also came in 1st. Her time of 15:26 was over a minute faster than any other girl on the course. Nicole Bunting (2nd) and Mary Fixsen (3rd) battled their ways ahead of the rest of the field to give RV the top three runners overall. Clair Hammerschmidt (15th), Kirsten DeGonda (24th), Charli Miller (26th), and Courtney Stoen (29th) were the remaining Varsity runners. Allie Spanovich led the JV girls, who did not have a complete team.

The last race was the Boys JV/Varsity. Ryan Phillips (17:18) finished 1st in the race, leading the Boys to a 1st place finish as well. Alex Amunrud (2nd), Wes Peyerl (4th), Marshal Quast (6th), Josiah Passe (7th), Jordan Opdahl (13th), and Jacob Angermeyr (15th) were the other Varsity runners helping Ryan take home the 1st place victory. Cole Gewerth led the JV Boys to a 1st place finish as well. Other JV scorers were Simon Grundemann, Nate Benson, Aaron Boyle, and Carter Menz.

The next race we will be competing in will be Thursday, October 3rd, at the golf course in Olivia.